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"With a great deal of humour, causing frequent spontaneous laughter in the audience, the performer resists the expected standards of performance, clashing dance with shaking and charming movement in time with the music, which is in turn at one point consisted only of sound of air pump, or pure, simple singing by a singer ... high heels, drums, but also the most demanding of all instruments - the human body ", Anđela Trampus Salopek, Port.hr


What is in fact reality? Who can guarantee us that what appears to us is reality? We may only sleep in one dimension and dream in another. What happens if we play a trick on our senses?

BLU is a project that plays with perception and senses by telling a story which is different - blue. It is absolutely present in the moment of performance, but is also a video-projected past that interferes by creating a new present.

Performing space initially seems devoid of illusions. The four performers dressed in black do not reveal anything about how the story will continue. Introducing blue costumes and objects, video and music creates a new reality for the audience. Although it is imposed on all their senses, the new reality expects nothing but sensory acceptance which it receives by the very fact that it is present.

BLU is the atmosphere, the atmosphere of the blue color. Its features help the viewers’ senses because they know it. What is unknown to them is authors’ and performers’ associations. It is in that synergy that the story begins. Although it is imposed, it has no pretensions to be true. It is free and personal. It offers a way through someone else's ideas while leaving space for the ones of their own.

O.N.E. always departs from the classical form of an art product as a performance through only one medium and offers a wider range of expression. They involve the audience in their process of creation of their final product, while leaving space for uniqueness of each performance and the imagination of the audience.