Martina Nevistić

Martina Nevistić

Martina Nevistić was born 1983 in Zagreb. Martina is dance maker, performer and teacher. She is founder of O.N.E. Art Company where she is doing her author work in the field of performing arts and multimedia. She finished her studies in Organization and management in Zagreb and at Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD), Austria. Her work is continuously supported by Zagreb city hall for culture, education and sport, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, Zagreb dance center and HIPP, DOMINO/ Festival Perforations and Zagreb Youth Theatre z/k/m. She is member of Zagreb Dance Company. Also, she is teaching professional contemporary classes and yoga in Croatia and abroad.


Martina is a founder of O.N.E., artistic director, author, dance maker, teacher.

She was born 18 December 1983 in Zagreb.

In 2000 she graduated from the School of Contemporary Dance Ana Maletić, after which she was a member of The Studio Contemporary Dance Company. In 2006 she finished her studies at Faculty of Economics, Department of Organization and Management. In 2008 she finished her studies at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, Austria (SEAD), with a solo performance made by Croatian choreographer Matija Ferlin ("Lucky between the mountains").
During her schooling, she collaborated with well-known choreographers: Anna Macrae, Salva Sanchis, Jule Flierl, Libby Farr, Susan Redhorst, Ted Stoffer, Sanja Tropp Fruehwald, with musicians from "Miscellanea guitar quartet" and composers Marious Joannou Elia and Agustin Castilla-Avilla in projects Armatur and Race for two quartets+1.

She attended advanced training/skill improvement in Brussels and Berlin. Also she started to investigate her own work and areas of interest and established as an author and co-author of pieces: Macho (Flierl/Nevistić), My first... (Nevistić), Medium (Petrovski/Nevistić), made for Festival Zadarsnova.
She received scholarship for Nomad Dance Academy education program, where she established contacts with young artists from South East Europe/Balkans for future work and friendship. She created the piece WannaBe, for which she won the Audience Award at the Festival of Choreographers in Almada, Portugal.

Since autumn 2009, she lives in Zagreb where she works as a dancer, performer, dance maker and teacher.
She established O.N.E. Art Company in Zagreb

Author projects:

  • Appollonian(2016), multimedia performance
  • Event horizon (2015), performance
  • Luna Malekova (2014), multimedia performance
  • Sisyphus Pink (2013), video dance triptych installation
  • Evolution revolution (2011), multimedia installation

Co-author projects:

  • Black (2012), experimental video dance performance/installation
  • BLU (2011), multimedia performance
  • Silver (2010), multimedia installation

Her interest in choreography involves: multimedia and interdisciplinary, where she questions movement through individual sensibility of performer, anatomical articulation of movement, transformation of the space and optic of viewing.

Her work is continuously supported by Zagreb City hall for Culture, Education and Sport, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, Zagreb Youth Theatre z/k/m, Zagreb dance centre and dance organization Croatian institute for movement and dance, Perforations Festival/ Association Domino and Zagreb dance company.

In August 2011 she participated in the laboratory "From science to art, forests at the heart of life" in Montpellier, after which she creates interactive installation Evolution revolution. In September 2012, the installation was invited to open a season at Domaine DꞌO in Montpellier, as part of the network Imagine 2020.

In 2009 she choreographed The Throng for Youth group of The Studio contemporary dance company and collaborated as a dancer with Andreja Široki in the piece Field of grounding and Marjana Krajač in the project Simple life, co-produced by SaintVincenti festival in Istria, Croatia.

In March 2010, she became a member of the Zagreb Dance Company, where she participated in performances: Interface by Snježana Abramović Milković (2010), Under the eyelids by Laura Aris Alvarez (2011) and entered earlier company production UTF-8 by Sahar Azimi (2009). Also in performances: Changes (2012), by Vučinić/ Nevistić/ Mišić; Anything (2013) by Daniel Abreu; Requiem for Z. (2014.) by Snježana Abramović Milković, Intangible bridges (2015.) by Roberto Olivan.

In 2011 she joined collaborative work with her colleagues from Nomad dance academy program (Schnabl-SLO, Koruga-SR, Georgiev-MK/BG, Larrere-FR) where was made performance Artist as a present, supported by Jardin dꞌEurope.

In 2012 she collaborated as a dancer with Irma Omerzo on choreography Meteo.
In 2013 she collaborated as a performer with Rona Žulj in performance Irinaꞌs soul is like an expensive piano (after the text from P.I.Chekov: “Three sisters”), co-produced by Theatre association Kufer and Theatre &TD/ Theatre of Changes.

Through 2014 and 2015 she participates in international program Communicating dance, where Croatian partner is Zagreb dance centre/ HIPP-Croatian institute for movement and dance. As a result of this international program, on Croatian dance scene together with colleague Jelena Mihelcic, she organizes program Creative communication. Program will include lectures about strategy, communication and support for a better visibility of dance scene, also tlaks with audience after perfomances.

Also, she works as pedagogue of contemporary dance techniques, improvisation, body work, and dynamics styles of yoga (Yoga Alliance, RYT200). She is giving classes for professional companies as: Zagreb Dance Company, The Studio contemporary dance company, Zagreb, Bitef Dance Teater Belgrade, Serbia, Divadlo studio tanza in Banska Bystrica in Slovakia. She has been teaching on Dance academy in Ljubljana, Slovenia; on Dance Conservatory in Banska Bystrica in Slovakia; in Zagreb for international program Spazio and Communicating dance, Nomad dance academy, also semi-professional classes for the youth group of The Studio contemporary dance company and for the Liberdance studio in Zagreb. Through 2015 she was teaching for KHA dance organisation in Bangalore, Katarnaka, India; for Eks-scena art organization, Zagreb Dance Company and Zagreb dance centre; in Ireland dance house in Dublin; on Karlovac dance festival in Karlovac, Croatia.