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sisyphus pink2013

"We are in an endless loop, passing through empty spaces, falling into each other in the track just like Sisyphus in the video, we become slaves to the times in which we live, especially digitized and automated ... Sisyphus will firstly make you laugh and then make you become aware of your own rock. ", Anđela Trampus Salopek, Port.hr


Starting point of new author project by Martina Nevistic is myth about Sisyphus. Sisyphus as absurd hero, a symbol of persistence and nonsense, which at the end we should imagine happy. Second point is a character of MsPink, as someone or something that imposes continuous importance, symbolizes consumption society, consumerism, and while essentially not important at all, actually absurd. This absurdity of continuous and circular movement takes the principle of loop, which becomes the basic structure of building up video. In the video, there are three main performers, whose movement is again characterized by repetitive sequences, failings in and out, divergence to and from, and MsPink as a protagonist of a concept. Further point of this project is that video projection is triptych, but broken into two, that is four parts, connected but spatially split: first video is spatially broken into three parts and three separate projections. Regardless of separation between the frame and the place, projections inter-operate and communicate embracing the space. Second video connects that three in one unity, but the location is completely separated from them.

Sisyphus questions the absurdity of the movement, which does not start up and does not start ahead, but always returns to the beginning, with higher instance (MsPink) who operates it all. As well as the persistence that always leads to the starting point, and the will that restarts. Likewise, on the visual level, it is questioning systems of fragment in the service of the whole, as the whole in the service of the fragment. On the level of the viewer, and in tradition of works of O.N.E., this project questions the visual perception: fractured, but in the same time perceived material, what will bring the whole new meaning with spectators’ effort of connecting it.